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Protecting your Intellectual Property
in Web3

Don't leave your intellectual property to chance in the volatile world of Web3.
Our NFT IP Cheat Sheet isn't just a guide, it's your fast track to a comprehensive
IP strategy.

  • Accelerate your IP Inventory Assessment. Comprehensive IP assets database
    segmented by Art, Music, Gaming, Fashion, Publishing, Sports & Software
  • 7-Point NFT IP Strategy.  Critical questions that shape a failsafe IP protection strategy

  • Bonus - IP in Web3 Video Course.  Quick dive into the what and how of IP for NFT creators

  • Bonus - Curated NFT / IP Articles.  Over 70+ vetted in-depth reports, articles, talks and books   

Serious about safeguarding your digital assets while maximizing their value and
the success of your venture?  These cheat sheets are a must.  You will benefit
from the clarity and save a lot of time knowing exactly what steps to complete.
Act now to seize control of your IP destiny.

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